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How to use your up-line:

  1. Let your up-line present to your new person.  People need 3rd party validation.  You are not the expert!  Use your up-line team and you will have a much better success rate.  The options available are: 
    • 1.  A conference call or webinar,
    • 2. A three-way call,
    • 3. A meeting, and
    • 4. The presentation on the website. 

  2. Arrange with your up-line to talk with the new person if they are seeing an online or conference call/webinar presentation.

  3. With your up-line's help determine if they are a product user only or if they want to share and help people.  Respect their wishes.  If they only want to use the product, sign them up as a preferred customer.  If they want to use the product and can see themselves sharing and helping people, enroll them as a distributor.   

    Give them the option.  Don't make the decision for them.  Let your up-line help you with the enrollment process, training you as you go.

  4. If your new person chooses to be a distributor,  always, always, always sign them up for autoship. They will need personal product every month.  If they are a business builder this is their monthly overhead.  In Synergy's compensation plan, volume can bank for you from month to month. 

    Missing just one month's qualification order will cause you to forfeit your banked volume.  So, make sure they are on autoship! If needed, they can always change or postpone it with a simple phone call at any time.   If they don’t want to sign up on autoship perhaps they should just be a customer.

  5. When connecting people with your up-line, you should always be there as well, whether in person or a three-way call.  Remember, this is your business!

  6. Once someone has enrolled or ordered product FOLLOW UP with them.  This is a business based on relationships and communication.  The fortune is in the follow-up.

    Be the kind of sponsor you would like to have!