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  1. Know that you are offering them something of great value.  Your belief level is the main message they will get no matter what you say!
  2. Don’t say too much!  You are not asking them to buy product or join a company.  Your job is to ask them to look at information, not to bombard them.  Share your story briefly, about 30-60 seconds overall!  You may need to practice this.  Focus on the before, the after and the result.  Don't make it all about you.  Find out what is important to the person you are talking with.

  3. Ask if they will look at information.  Give them an out such as “this may not be for you, I don't know.” 

  4. There are two main options for sharing with them:  the argi9solutions website with the 4 minute introductory video or the ProArgi-9 Video, or loan them the overnight DVD packet with or without the book  No More Heart Disease.  Talking with them one on one with the overnight packet is the best option if you can do it.  However, use the website for people over a distance or those who prefer the web.  Always interact with them over the phone first.  DO NOT JUST SEND OUT EMAILS TO PEOPLE! It is ineffective.

  5. Set an appointment to get back with them! Don’t be vague.  Set it for within 24-48 hours.  The overnight packet is a loaner. Let them know you need it back so you can loan it to someone else who needs it.  This creates value and urgency.  If they are watching the 4 minute video, have them watch it while you are on the phone with them.