Scott Norton
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Synergy WorldWide Independent Distributor

  1. The Synergy opportunity is a tremendous opportunity to be a part of something much greater than yourself.  Is there anything more important that you could be doing than saving people’s lives with ProArgi-9 Plus and giving them a better quality of life?

  2. In Synergy you only build 2 organizations at a time.  One on your left and one on your right.  These are called legs.  You will build one of your legs with the help of your up-line team.  This is called the power leg or the common leg. Check with your sponsor or up-line to find out if your common leg is on your left or your right side.  

    You need a power leg!  Why?  Think of a root.  The deeper a root goes, the stronger the tree is.  Your sponsor has put you on a power leg and you have a responsibility to nourish and contribute to it.  Therefore, the first person you sponsor should always be put on the common or power leg.  This will maximize your income and theirs.    If you neglect this, the power leg may slow or even die and that will greatly impact your business. 

    Remember, you megamatch (100% check match) your personally sponsored people no matter which leg they are on and you need a megamatch that captures the strong leg growth.  Although it may seem like a gain to start your lesser leg first, it is a short term gain and it will hurt you in the end.  Your people will do what you do and many of them will only end up sponsoring one person.  If their person goes on their lesser leg, they will wither and die without support. Teach your people to put the first person they sponsor in their common leg!

  3. You will only sponsor people in 2 places in your organization: in a straight line down your right side or your left side at the bottom of your leg.  Don't ever sponsor in another person's inside leg!  If you do this you will not be able to maintain and support your group.  Your placement strategy should generally be 1 person to your strong leg and 2 people to your lesser leg and repeat this process.  However, you need to put people together in the same leg who are part of the same social circles ie: family members and close friends who know the same people.  You don’t want people competing.  You want them working together.

  4. Have other people’s best interest at heart.  Remember, money always follows service.  Be the kind of sponsor you would like to have!

  5. Keep building! Keep sponsoring until you find builders on each of your legs.  Don’t give up.  See it through!  This is not a ‘get rich quick’ or ‘something for nothing’ opportunity.  It is an opportunity for tremendous long term residual income.   It takes work.

  6. HAVE FUN!